Rocka Revolution

by The Rockaz

Released 2011
Released 2011
Chunky horns, on a bed of spicy Riddims, topped with a nutritious blend of melodic and soulful vocals. Comprised of folk from all four corners of Buffalo NY, The Rockaz music is a blend of Roots Reggae, Funk, Ska, Rockin’ soul Dub.
The Rockaz! (Rock-uh-z) Think back to when you were a kid and it was game time. Peanut, JJ, Pookie and the rest of the gang were ready to put up or shut up out on the field. You always had your Ray-Ray or Joey out there talkin’ smack. They weren’t the best players on the court, but they made everybody laugh. Remember when the “new kid” on the block (nobody new his name quite yet) was your secret weapon (he had a serious slap shot!). The girls practiced their cheer-leading moves while the boys tried to show their stuff. And of course there was the chunky kid who was your main lineman or had the deadliest jump shot. Rickie, who didn’t speak very good English, was always sure to hit the ball out the park. We played until the sun went home and we soon followed. It was fun. It is with this same spirit that the Rockaz play and create their music. Their intent to deliver the fun is at the roots of what they do. Described as therapeutic, the diversity of The Rockaz music blends to bring people together.